Improve your swimming faster with personal training. During the personal training sessions with Marleen, you can learn to swim freestyle, improve your swimming, or swim with your own small group. Everything is possible, we can even work on your butterfly or learn how to make a flip – turn.

Are you a regular swimmer and want to make an extra step? Do you feel that you need to improve your technique but don’t know where to start? Book a video analysis to find out.

Personal training

We welcome total beginners learning to swim, those looking to improve their technique or more advanced swimmers seeking high quality individual coaching. Coaching takes place in any rockpool around Manly or the ocean.

Fees: $120 (60-min session, 1-3 people)/ $70 ( 30-min session, 1-3 people).

Small group training

If you have your own small group of friends or colleagues you can train together to improve your technique, prepare for a triathlon or work towards your first ocean swim. Fees: $30 per person for 60-min session (3+ people).