There are different swim groups to choose from. But whether you choose a rockpool swim group, ocean swim group, you will aways get a fun and friendly environment, with quality coaching and a good workout!

Rockpool swim groups

The rockpool morning swim sessions are open for swimmers of all levels*. The swim session is tailored to suit everybody’s needs. It is a perfect way to improve your swim technique, speed and stamina. We cover a distance of 1.0-2.0km. The session starts with a warm-up, followed by drills to improve technique and a swim set to work on speed, endurance or strength.

*It is good to be able to swim 50 meter freestyle, if you’re not yet at this level, you can try a personal training session.

When: Friday lunchtime 12.00 – 1.00pm Freshwater rockpool

Cost: $250 for a 10-week term pass.

Ocean swim/ Surf swimming skills

Learn how to get in and out of the ocean and improve your endurance. You will learn to identify rips and sandbanks and how to get in and out of the ocean best by wading, dolphin dives and bodysurfing. Coach Marc, an experienced swimmer and surf lifesaver champion, will make sure you get a good workout and learn how to negotiate the waves.

When: Saturday mornings 9am-10am, on the beach in front of Manly Surfclub. Cost: $30 per person